April 22, 2019

Dead Horse Ranch Point near Moab, Utah

I made plans to have lunch with my daughter’s mother-in-law, Chris, while I was in Moab, but we were having such a good time catching up that we also went for a hike at Dead Horse Ranch Point. Chris is a wonderful tour guide. She knew which parks to visit and how much time to allow, so I didn’t have to research the trails, we were just able to get out and enjoy.

Over lunch we caught up on our children and grandchildren. I gushed poetic over how much I appreciate her son and she returned the same over my daughter. With those pleasaantries out of the way we got down to the important stuff; the three grandchildren we share in common, and what we’ve heard about them recently and our favorite stories about interacting with them whether in person or over video calls.

It occurred to me that this was the first time she and I had ever had a chance to visit alone without either of our children. We had a great time talking about our lives and what it’s like for each of us in this stage of life – beyond child-rearing, careers, marriages, and all those young, early years. It seems to me that these years are particularly sweet; we’re making choices for ourselves, seeking out challenges and enjoying the pure pleasure of enjoying this stage of life with the mature knowledge that we have earned through years of experience.