April 9, 2019

We Took a Tram Up to the Top of the Ski Trails

We didn’t take our skis with us, but we took a 10-minute ride up the side of a mountain on a tram and spent a pleasant time together watching the skiers making their way down the mountain. It was especially nice to be able to take Rob with us as he is in a wheelchair. The resort had handicap parking and ramps to get us where we needed to go. They allowed us to board before all the skiers with their helmets, skis, and poles.

I’ve never been to a ski resort, as I don’t down-hill ski. I loved standing up on the viewing platforms looking down on the ski trails and the skiers. I enjoyed watching the skiers take the trails and follow their paths. I didn’t see anyone fall, and even saw one young lady in flashy clothes who danced a bit as she began her descent. She looked like she was flying!