April 7, 2019

Attending General Conference in Salt Lake City

Hearing the Tabernacle Choir in person is quite a treat but attending General Conference on Sunday morning with my dear, dear friend, Linda, was especially sweet. She managed to get tickets to the Sunday morning session, and we went in early in order to be able to enjoy the choir performing “Music and the Spoken Word”. She asked one of the ushers to take our picture and make sure the choir was in the shot also.

Linda and I have shared so many experiences over the years. All we have to do is see each other’s face, or hear each other’s voice, and we immediately begin chuckling. We attended church in the same ward for years and our children were similar ages. I especially remember our two youngest daughters having a grand time playing together in the church gym while Linda and I visited. And she was the most extraordinary cub master I’ve ever seen.

Linda and her husband graciously hosted me for two weeks in their home. Their son-in-law, John, even backed my trailer up into the narrow side yard without damaging any of their fencing. It was a cozy spot for me to settle in for two weeks. And Linda, Rob, and I got out for all manner of sight seeing in Salt Lake City.

I’ve really been enjoying meeting people all over the country, but there is something just so warm and homey about spending time with life-long friends.