April 5, 2019

Rest Stop with a Fort Tour

Cove Fort was a waystation for early pioneer travelers, and I found it to be a very lovely stop for me also. I’d heard that it was a very nice rest stop on my way north toward Salt Lake City, but it was all that and more for me. When I pulled into the parking lot there were two vehicles parked in front of mine with a lot of kids and the makings for a picnic. One of the father’s greeted me and commented on my teardrop. I thanked him and then all the kids greeted me. Turns out it was two families with several kids each and they were all travelling together for spring break. The moms had put together a picnic and
insisted that I join them. One of the moms made me a sandwich and one of the children brought me a cookie.

Each of the children took turns telling me their names and ages. One girl complimented me on my necklace, and another my hat. I had a delightful time visiting with them all – parents as well as children. The kids eventually pulled me into a game of tag. I enjoyed being around children the age of my grandchildren. It made me feel at home.

After the picnic we all went and joined a tour of the fort. The tour started with a short video and then we were walked through the fort. I was amazed to think of the women who lived at the fort and served 50-75 people daily, and sometimes more than a hundred. Such dedicated hard-working pioneers!

I am so grateful to live in a time with modern conveniences and so grateful for the two young couples who showed me such gracious hospitality and provided me with some great tips on which campgrounds to visit in Utah. Their greatest gift was allowing me to enjoy their charming children for a couple of hours.