May 16, 2019

Let’s Play Ball

Is there a more universal sign of spring than a ball game? While visiting my kids in Texas I found that my son and his co-workers had joined a league and were having a game while I was in town. I grew up attending softball games where my older brother was a pitcher and my dad the coach. Later in his life my dad began playing on senior leagues. He played in Michigan in the summer and in Florida during the winter. Each season he wore a shirt with his age on the back and he enjoyed gifting those shirts after the season one by one to each of his grandchildren. I was able to watch him play several times and was always impressed to see him playing with gusto.

I was delighted to discover that his grandson (my son) is now also playing. This was their last game of the season. Good timing gifted me with an opportunity to watch Number 88, my son, playing the game!