September 19, 2019

Happy to Be on the Go Again

I’m happy to be back on the road again, but also mindful as I head out of those I leave behind. I’ve had some great weeks to enjoy my family in Michigan but now I’ll go months without them. The summer passed so swiftly, but now my grand daughters are back in school and I’m not needed quite so much. And there’s a brand-new grandchild coming soon and so I’m off to meet another little person and to be a little bit of help to two new parents.

The repairs on my trailer held me up a bit and so I’m leaving a week later than I had planned and I want to get a lot of miles out of the way, so I drive on until I find myself growing weary. I only need one night and want to be back on the road early in the morning. I’ve learned over the last year that there’s always a KOA Campground close by and so I stop at a rest stop, pull out my directory, make a call, and manage to find a site available in Terre Haute, Indiana. And what a sweet site I found! I loved the picnic table, the brick fireplace, and the hanging baskets of flowers. The showers were hot and the walk around the park was lovely. There were even two burros greeting me from their corral.

I had felt some trepidation about heading out alone again but find that I am heading back into my independent, solitary travel with ease and a familiar feeling of strength and confidence. And thus once again I am heading into my journey.