December 11, 2018

Solitary Hiking at Lake Colorado State Park in Texas

Desert plants along the shoreline fascinated me. I’m so accustomed to Michigan’s lush vegetation but I really enjoyed the diversity along this shoreline. The water is so close, but the plants are what you see in a dry climate.

I enjoyed the hiking trails that followed the shoreline. It was great to just take some time to quietly hike along thinking my own thoughts. I also was watchful for creatures that might be poisonous, though I didn’t see any. I saw a lot of disturbances in the soil that looked like something was rooting in the dirt. It really appeared to be the result of dogs digging, but dogs aren’t allowed out without a leash, so it couldn’t possibly be that, could it? There were so many places where digging had occurred that I figured it probably would be best if I wasn’t out hiking in the dark.