December 10, 2018

Lake Colorado State Park in Texas

A very quiet campground provided me with an opportunity for some solitary hiking. There were trails along the lake that rambled through desert plants and lots of big and small rocks. I enjoyed that I never knew what I to expect as I came around each bend.

I didn’t speak to anyone while I was in the park. I noticed a few campsites and lights in the evening when dark commenced, but I never had occasion to meet anyone. I enjoyed the solitude. My sister was going through medical procedures that left me concerned for her and I spent a great deal of time focusing on praying for her. The photo of the rock shows an area where I sat and just spent some time focusing on her. This is one of those concerns on my journey, that I won’t be there for those I love when they need me. But, truthfully, this wasn’t a time to be with my sister, as her nuclear family is there with her. Because I am a Reiki Practioner, I was able to focus on sending healing energy.