December 26, 2018

U.S. Post Office in Phoenix, Arizona

Daily responsibilities must be taken care of while I’m travelling across the country. I found the need to send a package out on the day following Christmas. If I were back “home” I’d simply schedule a trip to the post office while running errands. But things can get complicated when I’m changing my location every few days. The first step was to locate a local post office. I solve the locating by using the technology in my truck. My truck has a lovely broad screen to provide me with maps and directions. I just connect my cell phone with a USB cable and talk to Google. I frequently think how hard this solitary trip would be without the technology.

This post office was quite close to the park I was staying in at the time. And sweet coincidence there was a Fry’s grocery store across the street for the next errand I had to run.

The long line at the post office was another matter, but I took my easy-going nature in with me and stepped into line. I had the pleasure of visiting with a very nice young man who was also easy-going about standing in line. It occurred to me that the post office felt very comfortable to me – it felt very much like the one I visited frequently back home. The postal workers reminded me of the ones I am familiar with. And I was entertained listening to the young man talk about his two sons and his joy in fatherhood. We talked about Grandmas, working to retirement, little boys and their love of rough-housing, and the joy of encountering nice people everywhere.