February 14, 2019

Room with a View

I took a vacation from my journey and took a side trip to a friend’s house in Sedona. She needed a little help with a writing project and turned her home office over to me for my use. This picture shows the view out the office window. I enjoyed the view of her lovely patio while I was working on my writing. I found that as I was doing some markups on her writing that I was able to write as her, using the voice she would use, rather than my own. The work space and the view are filled with her energy and it infused my writing style.

I stayed 3 nights with her and luxuriated in long conversations with someone who has known me for longer than just a week or two. In and around the work we found time to visit and to ponder some of the life questions that I am wrestling with (I am still distracted by the man with the voice). She fed me beautiful, healthy food and provided a comfortable spot to sleep. Such a luxury it was to be in a modern home with appliances and plumbing, and with charming places to sit and be still.

I took a little rest, enjoyed the satisfaction of working on a project, enjoyed the company of a good friend, and then I headed back out into my travels refreshed and ready for more adventure.