January 2, 2019

Lovely Lake in Tonto National Park

The federal government shutdown is affecting the National Parks, but son James and I were able to enjoy this pretty lake east of Phoenix. As we searched for a good location for hiking, we stopped in several of the National Park access points. We didn’t see any of the parks people – no one was available to check our national park pass, but there were signs posted that we could be ticketed if we didn’t have one visible in our vehicle. From a lookout point on the trail far above where I parked my truck, I saw a woman approach my truck. She wasn’t in uniform but may have been checking for my pass.

The bathrooms were beginning to feel a bit rough but weren’t filthy. Here at Saguaro Lake we enjoyed a bit of hiking and walked along beside the lake enjoying the view. The park was busy with lots of picnickers. One fellow had his grill going and it sure smelled good. A family had their picnic supplies sitting on a picnic table while they were busy down on a dock fishing. We called a warning to them that the crows were having a feast on their food and the mom sent two of the children up to shoo them away. Once the birds flew away the children returned to the dock. I sure hope they were catching some fish for their meal.

There is also a marina at the lake that has a nice restaurant. Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed for the season – we checked. There were a couple of boats out on the water and it appeared that those folks were also fishing. This lake has rainbow trout, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, channel catfish and yellow bass.