January 17, 2019

Pow-Wow, Oldest Gem and Mineral Show in Arizona

I had a conflict between my dislike of crowds and my pleasure in looking at pretty gems and minerals. I found myself really torn when I checked out the gem and mineral showcase held in Quartzsite, Arizona in January. The gems and minerals won out. I was fortunate in finding a nice 55+ RV Resort 15 miles east of Quartzsite where I could get away from the crowds and enjoy some down time in the desert.

I was motivated to go back in to the shows happening in Quartzsite by requests from my grandchildren for specific stones. As I got to know my way around (where to park, and to go in first thing in the morning) I relaxed and enjoyed shopping and visiting with the vendors. Many of them so friendly, and happy to share their stories. They come from all over the world. I even found one couple originally from my home state who grew up just miles from the farm that I was raised on.

When I first encountered the crowds, I was determined to experience Quartzsite once and know what people were speaking of. Now I’m quite certain I will return. It is just so amazing to see so many minerals and gems and jewelry all in one very large city-wide display.