January 7, 2019

On My Way Once Again

The friends I meet I have to leave, and I find it makes me a little sad each time. I spent the last two weeks at Metro Phoenix 55+ RV Park. I met and enjoyed spending time with a really nice couple, Lynne and Gene. Lynne and I had some lovely woman to woman chats and I enjoyed time with the two of them also. I was struck with how nice they were to each other. They seemed to have a great relationship. They’ve been married for a long time and I asked Lynne about the secret to their long-term happiness, but she passed on that. She said that they just feel fortunate that they’ve been able to weather the rough spots and continue to enjoy their friendship and love.

The park was a really nice place to stay for two weeks. I tend to prefer state and national parks, but I wanted to be close to my son while he was free to spend some time with me. I also have some friends who live nearby, so this was a good place to stay for a little while. It is a nice park and I enjoyed the amenities; lovely bathrooms with hot showers, a heated pool (80⁰ F) and a hot tub. They also have a very nice social director planning outings and special happenings. I enjoyed a Saturday morning breakfast, an evening of karaoke, and a New Year’s Eve party with a great band.

As I was hitching up to leave Lynne came over to say goodbye and to give me a hug.. Gene came over a bit later to wish me safe travels and I asked him to look at a couple of things on my trailer. I’m learning to ease up a bit on my fierce independence and felt I could trust him to give me some advice. I’m learning to lean into those around me a little bit, and my intuition comes in handy in deciding who to turn to.

So, I felt a little sad as I travelled away from these new friends; but recognized the joy I’m finding from learning more about me from those I meet as I continue on Into My Journey.