July 20, 2018

One Solitary Woman

One of the goals of my travels is to find people who are making a difference in our world right where they are. I met one of those people this last weekend at Tomahawk State Forest Campground in Presque Isle County in northern Michigan. Her name is April and she camps at this campground all summer long. April was disappointed in the beach area of the campground and began to imagine a better beach. She had friends with trucks, and other friends who had access to plenty of sand. April inspired these people to help her. Over the 3 nights that I was camped at this campground the swimming area was transformed. She had the vision – and they came and helped her. One solitary woman making a change because she envisioned it and pushed to make it happen. That beach will be enjoyed all summer long, because one solitary woman dreamed it and then made it happen.