September 29, 2019

Friends have Found Me

Even though I was off the beaten trail, I had some old friends find me in my out of the way campsite. Brian graduated from high school with me and his wife, Diane, and I have become friends over the years through reunion activities. When I told them that I was planning to retire and become a full-time RVer they were excited about my plans and provided sound camping advice. They were invaluable as I shopped for my truck and made excellent suggestions about supplies that I would need.

We had meant to catch up this summer while I was in Michigan so they could finally see my T@B, but we never managed to synchronize our schedules. And then I found out that they were taking a long, well-deserved vacation and would be passing close to my campsite, so I shared my location and they managed to find me. We had a lovely visit and I felt myself anchored to my past as well as grounded in my travels for the coming year.