May 26, 2019

Camped in a Holler

I have returned to a familiar location in the Hocking Hills of southeastern Ohio and have parked my T@B in a holler near Old Man’s Cave. I have looked forward to sharing the amazing hiking trails with son, James, who has travelled with me back east across the country during a well-deserved break from his studies.

I am finding myself in a place of disorientation returning to a familiar location after months of exploring new sights and sounds. Having travelled so far in a matter of days I am surprised at my reaction to the song trills of birds I’ve heard all my life, and the aromas of spring in the midwest as the plants return to full growth. I am stunned that so much has remained the same while I was away exploring new sights, sounds, and aromas. I have grown accustomed to exploring and finding new vistas to enjoy. Back in familiar territory I realize that I have changed and now have the job of rediscovering this old world through new eyes.