May 28, 2019

Hiking in a Magical Place

I love hiking in the Hocking Hills of Ohio and was very pleased to introduce it to my son, James, who was travelling back east with me on a well-deserved break from his studies. On this day we visited Conkles Hollow and enjoyed a hike along the rim trail as well as the trail into the gorge. We were joined by James’ sister, Leah, who has hiked these trails with me several times.

This picture captures the magic of this region. There are rocky outcroppings, luscious vegetation, and water dripping from higher elevations down into the gorge. We hiked first up on the rim and enjoyed the views down into the gorge and the smell of damp earth and fresh green growth. We had to be careful where we stepped as all the recent rains had left muddy areas for us to work our way around. We also had to keep an eye out for poison ivy which seemed to be thriving in the damp spring weather.

It was lovely to escape the busy outer world and enjoy the isolation of a rocky trail. I enjoyed especially having family to hike with me. I can be a solitary soul, but sometimes it’s very good to have companions to hike with and particularly nice to share the trail with grown children who have become good friends.