November 21, 2019

A Selfie Opportunity at a Kansas Rest Stop

I found a selfie opportunity just miles from the border travelling south on Kansas toll road 35. The rest stop includes a Kansas Tourist Information Center. I couldn’t resist. I have been travelling across Kansas so many times in the last year and had a hard time finding a state map. I hit the jackpot at this information center. It was great – they had gas, clean restrooms, a gift shop, several fast food restaurants and maps! And then I found a poster set up specifically for tourists to take selfies with the crew from Oz.

When I’m travelling from campground to campground, I have a standing practice of texting my children to let them know that I’m back on the road and where I’m heading next. Along the way I periodically keep them posted on my current location. One of my grand daughters who is home schooled often gets geography/history lessons called “Where is Grandmother Today?” Invariably when I leave Kansas one of my children always seems to enjoy posting, “you’re not in Kansas anymore”. And so, I had to make use of the selfie-poster – and I continue into my journey (though I’m not in Kansas anymore).