July 6, 2019

A Magical Stump

A long 4th of July weekend provided an opportunity for a family camping trip to northern Michigan. We have a favorite location for camping that involves some wood chopping, gathering, and burning. The little dog loves the chance to be outdoors with the family all day and on into the night. The girls have great fun riding their dirt bikes and I enjoy the chance to enjoy one of my favorite places with one of my favorite families.

Part way through the weekend I discovered that one of my grand daughters shares my love of one particular stump. We both discovered it separately but jointly share a belief that it is magical. We kept finding time to spend time near it being quiet, meditative, and grateful for the beauty of nature. We watched insects making use of this stump for shelter and food and we imagined that fairies were hiding out in the crevices. The sun filtering through the trees overhead cast interesting plays of light and shadow. It was a delightful time to share magical imaginings.