April 4, 2019

Damage on the Freeway

My poor T@B never saw it coming but a big chunk of metal flew off a semi and hit it hard. I saw that something fell off the semi and was flying toward me, but I had to hold my course as there were several lanes of traffic and they all were full. It was an awful sound when it hit but fortunately a rest stop was just ahead, and I was in a good lane to make the pull off.

Once in the rest stop, I first checked all my tires to be sure that they were fine. And then I saw the front of the trailer. I was immediately concerned because the heating/cooling system is in that section of the trailer. Fortunately, there is a sheet of wood behind the metal, and though the metal was punctured I could tell that the wood beneath the metal was damaged but wasn’t punctured through.

I called my insurance agent and described the incident and the damage. Because I am so far from home, she suggested that I continue my journey and bring it in this summer when I’m back local so we can make a claim and I can get it into the dealership to repair it.

In the meantime, I figured I’d better get the hole covered with duct tape to protect from water damage. I was stunned to find that I did not have any duct tape in my well-stocked toolbox in the back of the Colorado. What self-respecting Michigan gal doesn’t travel with duct tape? I sheepishly went to a hardware store and picked up a roll of gray duct tape. And it surprisingly doesn’t show up very badly – and I can keep on travelling.