June 1, 2019

Fly-in at Ojibwa Airpark

Watching a plane in flight has always fascinated me. It must have fascinated my father also as I remember several family visits to air shows at local airports. This fascination has been passed down to my oldest son who enjoys spending time at the Ojibwa Airpark in Weidman, Michigan. We attended a fly-in at this northern grass airstrip for a wonderful breakfast and a chance to watch several planes landing and taking off.

I snapped a few photos and was particularly happy to have caught these 2 children waving goodbye to one of the pilots. I enjoyed the chance to spend a lovely summer day in northern Michigan and enjoyed watching the pilots visiting with each other and admiring each others’ planes. It reminded me of being in campgrounds and visiting with other campers and admiring each others’ RVs. We’re all the same – we just have different interests. Finding others to share those interests with is a pleasant part of life.