July 19, 2019

Good Music in the Park

While at the park to enjoy the band, the Sea Cruisers, as they performed 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s music, I enjoyed a stroll through the park during intermission. On the path to the lake I ran into a young man from my old neighborhood. I was surprised that he recognized me – it has been quite a few years. We had a great time catching up as we chatted about what we are both doing; he’s a grownup working full time at a good job and I’m retired and loving my travelling life. It was very satisfying to be in an old familiar space with someone I’ve known over time. He also no longer lives in Michigan but was just visiting – and so from across all the miles we happened to cross the same path. I’ve experienced some loss when I move on in my travels and leave new friends. I saw this encounter as a promise that some of those I’ve left behind will again be crossing my path.