July 15, 2019

Taking My T@B 400 in for Repairs

Finally, I’m able to take my T@B in for repairs from the damage it received when hit by metal off a semi on a freeway in Nevada. I was fortunate that the damage didn’t interrupt my travels, but it has hurt a little bit every time I noticed the damage. It has been quite a process getting the insurance approved, the parts ordered, and then the wait for the parts to arrive. Finally, everything is in place and I have been able to drop it off at General RV in Wayland, Michigan for the repairs to be completed.

I’ve also requested that they install a second propane tank. I find it rather inconvenient when the tank empties in the middle of the night, and even more frustrating in the middle of cooking my breakfast. I can sleep pretty good without heat, but I really count on my warm breakfast to get me going for the day. Usually a regulator is installed between the tanks so that when one empties the other can automatically be turned on. I have asked that they not put an automatic adjuster between the two tanks so that I will know when the first tank ends so I can make plans to have it filled before the second one runs out.

Over the last year I’ve spent several weeks away from my T@B, but this is the first experience with the T@B being away from me. Fortunately, I have family to take me in while I wait for the work to be completed. And I will be content knowing that all will be fixed when I pick it back up.