April 28, 2019

Petroglyph Trail at Mesa Verde National Park

I wanted to see the petroglyphs at Mesa Verde, but it was an arduous trail. I wasn’t afraid of the difficulty but sometimes I’m careful about hiking alone. However, the call of the trail is always hard for me to resist. I figured I could take it part way and turn around if necessary. The views from the trail were spectacular and I was enjoying myself immensely. There were a few others hiking on the trail also, so I was confident that I’d be heard if I ran into trouble.

I could hear voices ahead of me and then I came upon two women hiking together. The younger one was providing support when needed and encouraging the other lady to continue. I passed them and then took the wrong turn. Fortunately, I saw them on a better trail below me and changed my direction. When I caught up, we visited a little, enough for me to find out that they were mother and daughter. We were together when we found the petroglyphs and I took this shot of them.

The pamphlet describing the trail suggested that the trail ahead of us involved climbing up a rock face that required using our hands and feet. If I’d been alone, I’m thinking that I would have turned back and followed the trail that I had come in on, but the ladies and I discussed it and agreed to push on. It was rather fun figuring out our foot and hand holds and together we all three made it up.

And once again I found that I had run into new friends on my journey. These two ladies had a delightful story. The younger gal had been adopted and was very appreciative of the life she had growing up, but when her adoptive mother died, she decided to see if she could find her birth mother. She found her and the two of them have had a relationship for 20+ years. They treat each other with such love and respect – it was delightful to spend a bit of time with them.