June 20, 2019

Visiting an Old Lighthouse

A tour of Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse provided an opportunity to introduce my grand daughter to a possible career choice. She had shown an interest in photography, so I placed my camera strap around her neck and gave her a quick tutorial on how to hold it, how to protect it, and the rudimentaries on how choose a subject and focus. Within three minutes of her takeover of the camera we passed another tourist resting in the shade. He greeted her with an exclamation of “ah, I see a photographer!”

He continued to tell us how his son and daughter-in-law are both photographers. He described their careers, salaries, and travel opportunities. We were able to ask him questions about their lives and how photography fit into it. He was just a chance encounter, but he stepped up to to provide an educational opportunity for a young stranger. My grand daughter continued the rest of the day embracing the role of photographer.