June 21, 2019

Taking the Ferry to Mackinac Island

A ferry ride to Mackinac Island is an essential experience for anyone wanting to explore northern Michigan. I have taken ferry rides to the island multiple times during my life. I can remember making the trip as a child, as a young bride, as mother of small children, and just last year with life-long friends. One time I skipped the ferry and flew in on a small plane. This summer I had the opportunity to make the trip by ferry with two of my grandchildren. I was delighted to share the ferry ride with two of my favorite girls.

The ride was a blast and then we enjoyed touring the island. We had a great time visiting the shops along the boardwalk and eventually the girls chose a shop that allowed them to design their own sweatshirts. They went through the haunted house but were disappointed that it wasn’t as scary as they would have liked. We visited a butterfly house and enjoyed having the delicate insects land gently on our bodies. And of course, we wrapped up the day purchasing some Mackinac Island fudge!