June 14, 2018

Last night in the house

I couldn’t have done it without the legions of friends and family who came to help me get moved out of my home of 30+ years. I had started planning to retire, sell my home and begin this journey a full year ahead. I had hauled loads of junk out but there was still so much to do to get packed up. I put my house on the market and had a solid offer within 10 days. I found myself with 6 weeks to get the job done when I finished my last day at work. I think that getting moved out of the house was the singularly most terrifying thing I’ve ever had to do. I had friends who came and spent days helping me. Friends from my union came and helped me. Three of my children came and helped me. And it seemed that the more I packed, the more I had to pack. I had to pack to put things in storage and I had to to make sure that things that I wanted to take with me on my journey were kept separate and placed at the front of the storage unit – so I could get to them once I bought the trailer. The last couple of days my children were asking their friends to come and help – and the help came! When we were moving in to this house, we took a picture of all five of the kids sitting on the hearth. It was about midnight on the last night when these three of my children were left to help and one of them suggested that we should get a last picture of them on the hearth. The two children not present for this last photo were too far away to be able to help, and both expressed disappointment in missing the chance for closure with the house. I think the three in the picture wished they could be far away. I made it out of the house with 12 minutes to spare!