May 20, 2019

When Uncle James Comes to Visit

We travelled around horrendous storms as we made our way north through Oklahoma from Texas. I was so grateful to have James as co-pilot because he was adept at checking live storm weather coverage and on-line maps to guide us around some of the harshest storm cells. If he hadn’t been with me, I would have found a campsite and just hunkered down, but he was able to guide me around the worst of it and we continued heading north. The GPS did guide us through a loop that was supposed to keep us off narrow city streets but led us directly to a country road with a dip that had flooded minutes before we came upon it. The emergency personnel had not arrived yet and a great deal of traffic was trying to get turned back around while still more was piling up behind us. There was only one driveway on this long stretch of road to provide me with a turnaround. My rig provided a large obstacle for the other drivers trying to get turned around. And the other drivers turning around provided me with moving obstracles as I tried to maneuver. But the farm kids were out enjoying the excitement and happy to call directions to me as I backed up. James also got out into the rain to assist. We were quite a sight! A police officer arrived and took charge of directing the other drivers, so I had the space to maneuver.

We learned our lesson and for the rest of the trip we travelled on main highways and avoided any and all shortcuts. The travel was well worth it once we arrived to be greeted by these children. They are always delighted when Grandma comes to visit, but this time I brought with me the fascinating Uncle James. He was quite the entertainment for his sister’s kids. He has all sorts of cool devices and watches fascinating videos on his cell phone. I found it interesting to watch myself adjusting from solitary traveller to resident Grandma of the family. This is another wonderful part of retirement; being able to have the time to do fun things for myself and having the time to spend large blocks of time with my children and grandchildren. I loved watching my grandchildren explore this fascinating character who is their uncle and watching James interacting with his sister and her husband. Both guys are very technologically focused, and I enjoyed watching them share their interests. And I was free to enjoy all of them – what a lovely place to be… Retired with choices.