June 12, 2019

Hiking on the Prairie

My first chance to hike on the prairie was made even more special because I shared the experience with my son-in-law and three of my grandchildren. The heavy rains of spring created a lush environment with lots of insects and beautiful prairie flowers. I’m already thinking I need to return and hike next year to see if all the beautiful blooms are common at this time of the year or the result of the heavy rain they've had this spring.

This trail loop had educational signs posted at frequent intervals and the children enjoyed finding them and reading them. I was impressed with how eager they were to learn about the prairie and how many questions they asked above and beyond the educational markers.

Though I spend plenty of solitary time hiking, I found that it was equally as enjoyable to share the hike with young inquisitive minds. I have been doing lots of hiking this year and find that my stamina is very robust, but these children ran, and jumped, and hopped back and forth with amazing energy.