May 23, 2019

Heading East Through the Flooding

We headed east through Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana and marvelled over the flooding that we saw. May of 2019 has been quite the spring of flooding. We crossed the Mississippi River and saw the overflow going on and on past river beds and into fields and farms. James was once again doing the navigating and keeping us on track so that we didn’t head onto any side roads that would create problems for us. We watch the weather and hear about the flooding but it is truly amazing to travel mile after mile and see how much water lies in areas that are not normally lakes.

We camped for the night at McCormick’s Creek State Park in Indiana. We pulled in well after dark and just basically pulled into our site, tromped through mud to get to and from the restrooms, and settled in for the night. We left the windows on the trailer open as it was hot and muggy and my air conditioner system stopped working a week ago. As I tried to settle down to sleep I became uncomfortably aware that the tree frogs were in full mating season and croaking in a cacophony of sound.

Early in the morning, so early that the frogs were still croaking, the birds began their morning chorus and as I groggily looked out my porthole window all I could see was a world of green. I’ve always loved watching the spring green arrive in Michigan, but I found this deep, muggy, creature infested green overwhelming. It made me feel a wee bit nauseus. How could this be? I love spring in the Midwest! But after a winter of enjoying the muted, varied colors of the desert I was finding this to be a bit much. I had to chuckle at myself; where was my love of the green of a midwest spring? Does the love of that spring green stem from the long, cold, dreariness of a winter with monotone colors of white and grey?