May 24, 2019

Hiking a Trail to a Waterfall

We didn’t have much time to stay but a trailhead to a waterfall beckoned and James and I were both eager to get a bit of exercise before we began another long day of driving. As we began the descent down a long stretch of stairs it occurred to me that I was going to have to come back up those stairs. I can hike for miles but climbing stairs has always winded me.

The trail at the base of the stairs was quite lovely. It winded along a creek and ended at a beautiful waterfall. All along the trail water was trickling down the sides of the hill and we noticed that the stone steps had troughs built in to allow for the trickling. If the ground had not been so saturated with water, we would not have noticed this engineering detail. Despite all the rain over the last several days this park was a lovely spring getaway, but we had to getaway back to our journey.

And joy of joys, when we got back to the stairs and began our climb, I discovered that I now have the stamina to go up a long flight of stairs without stopping to catch my breath. I have found another plus of being retired and being able to hike to my heart’s content.