October 20, 2019

Two Grandmothers, Two Cultures

We are challenged by two languages but united in our love for our children and for the baby who will soon be arriving. Mei and I were both delighted to be able to be present to enjoy the excitement of the arrival of our grandchild. We communicate with a universal language of happy grandmothers by using gestures and smiles.

Usually when we are together her daughter translates for us, but her daughter was a bit busy with some hard labor. We kept our cell phones handy and google translator up on our screens. Probably our biggest mistranslation came when she tried to tell me that she was going for a shower and I thought she was tellling me that I should go get cleaned up. I kept saying no and so she gave up. It was the next day before I realized that she was informing me not giving me a command.

We had no problem agreeing that our new grandchild is beautiful, smart, and perfect in every way.

( And I provide no specific information about this new little person out of respect for my son and his wife and their right to control the information about their child on social media, but everyone is healthy, mom and baby are doing fine, and dad is embracing his new responsibilities )