September 5, 2019

And My T@B Goes Back in for More Repairs

And once again I’m taking my T@B back into the dealership for more repairs. The repairs covered by my insurance company for the collision with sheet metal on a Nevada freeway were taken care of this summer. The warranty work approvals took longer to be approved. But, the manufacturer, Nücamp, came through and agreed to cover all the warranty work. Ordering of the parts took more time. I had hoped to have my work done over the summer while I was in Michigan and be heading out on new adventures this next week, but the repairs need to be done and so I’ll be patient.

There weren’t any serious problems: a window that was slightly akilter and didn’t latch right, the door that didn’t seal properly, a screen that came unstitched, another screen that had a cord that loosened and didn’t work right after 6 months, a crack in the molding above the bathroom sink, and then the big problem with the heating system leaking glycol. I have confidence in General RV of Wayland, Michigan as I drop it off for the repairs. They have a very large garage and a steady flow of repair work. They did a great job on my repairs from the accident and I’m looking forward to having everything fixed and ready for me to be back into my journey.