September 16, 2019

So Excited to Get my T@B Back Again

It took months, but finally my trailer repairs are all complete. My insurance company covered the repairs from the road damage in Nevada, but something went wrong with processing the paperwork for the warranty repairs. I’m not going to point fingers but instead will focus on the completed work and my joy over being able to head back out for another year of adventure.

I am grateful to Nucamp, the manufacturer, for accepting the responsibility for covering all the warranty repair; little things like windows out of alignment, and screens that failed, and big things like a sink that developed a crack, and a heating system that began leaking glycol. The sink that was originally installed had also been giving other T@B owners trouble with drainage and so they sent a new sink that is a much better design. The lines for the heating system were leaking so the glycol reservoir and the lines were replaced.

I am also grateful to Jeff Van Duyn, my service advisor at General RV in Wayland, Michigan. Jeff followed me and my T@B through months of calls, appointments, orders, shipments, and visits to the dealership. He was my familiar voice at the dealership and the one who had to call me when there was bad news about orders and delays.

Everything is repaired and better than new – and I’m ready to head back out for more adventure!