March 2, 2019

Celebration of Beverly’s Life

We gathered together in Florida to celebrate Beverly’s life. Family came from all across the country. My son James and I flew in from Arizona. One sister flew in from California while another drove in from Pennsylvania. Our brothers came from Michigan and Walt’s siblings came from Michigan or were already in Florida for a winter break from the winter. Nieces and nephews came from Michigan, Texas, Arizona and Kansas. We all came together to circle around Walt and their children Reuben, Graham, and Cherith.

We enjoyed a photo montage that Walt had created highlighting their years together. So many precious memories of Beverly’s life and the impact that she had on all of us. She will be missed and remembered. Various quilts and other sewing projects were on display to remind us of her creative endeavors.

Bev and Walt both grew up on farms in Michigan just miles from each other. This gathering provided a sweet time of reconnecting with family who shared so many of the life experiences of our childhoods.

On our last day Marie, James, and I went out to a natural area with Walt and Cherith where we hoped to get a glimpse of alligators. We managed to see 8 of them. And Walt was as always teacher and guide and shared his knowledge with his niece and nephew. I was reminded of the great times we shared with Bev and Walt when my oldest two children were little. There is something so very comforting about coming together to share our loss and to reconnect with the power of life that continues.