June 10, 2019

Hiking in the Flint Hills

Hiking time in Kansas hasn’t been high on my bucket list but a certain young family keeps drawing me back. Eastern Kansas has beautiful rolling hills and the location is perfect for me when I’m travelling cross-country and need a place to stop.

This evening was a perfect time for getting the children out to shake off some excess energy. The area has really been hit hard this spring with flooding from the heavy rain that has fallen across the plains and midwest this year, but this trail system wanders in a loop on a hill and thus we were able to hike high and dry.

I especially enjoyed watching the children all embracing the hike in their individual ways. The little boy loved running ahead and keeping the job of trail blazer. He was free to run ahead in safety and embrace a feeling of independence. The littlest girl enjoyed a wee bit of hiking and then took turns being carried by the three adults in our party. The big girl was exploring all the plant and insect life and loved sharing what she found with her grandmother. We adults were all able to enjoy the hike and the freedom from reining in the children to keep them safe.

Family draws me back as a regular to this region but I’m learning to love the beauty of Kansas in all seasons. Driving across the state to get somewhere else doesn’t allow time to appreciate the high points of this state. But a little family keeps drawing me back and I’m enjoying the exposure.