September 10, 2019

The Trail is Beginnning to Look like Fall

Hiking gives me a chance to think. I drop into a deep state of contemplation once I reach my stride. Today is no different. I would have been back into my travels, but my trailer is in for repairs, so I turn to the primary hiking trail I’ve been using this summer. But something is different – I can feel that fall is approaching. And fall is my favorite season in Michigan. I love the change in the foliage, the cool down of the temperature, and the colors of the fall wildflowers. I am grateful for the chance to enjoy a bit of early Michigan fall.

In my relaxed state of discernment, I solve the puzzle that I’ve been pondering all summer. When I first arrived back in the midwest this spring I was overwhelmed with the deep green that was everywhere – for the first time in my life I found that I didn’t like it. After wintering in the southwest I found that I really missed the muted colors of the desert. I adapted over the summer to appreciating all the differing shades of green and the beauty of contrast provided by the freshwater lakes. Today I find the joy in colors as the shorter days bring new colors to the woods. There’s still green, but also yellows, browns, reds, purples and the splashes of color provide lovely contrast.

I realize that I need the colors – all the colors! This is a big part of why I am enjoying this journey as I explore regions of our country that I’ve never explored before. Our earth has an amazing display of color. The green of Michigan is beautiful, but there are lots of other colors out there for me to explore.