December 3, 2018

Two Ladies Shopping in Dallas/Fort Worth Mall

A shopping trip without a translator turned out to be a fun adventure for Mei and myself. This was the first time we have ever spent time together without her daughter present to translate. Mei is my son’s mother-in-law and she lives in China. We have enjoyed each other’s company immensely over the years but always have someone nearby to translate. We enjoyed hiking with our children in Eisenhower State Park on Saturday and on Sunday we all went to church together and visited a botanical garden. On Monday the kids needed to get back to work so I invited Mei to go shopping with me. Traffic in the Dallas area is daunting, but I had my GPS and Mei was trusting. After we parked and walked away from the vehicle I turned to remember where I had parked in relation to the stores. She immediately knew what I was doing – apparently losing your vehicle in a parking lot is a universal problem. We laughed a lot as we strolled around the mall and made some purchases. I used a translation app on my cell phone and we would stop and speak into the phone to give it a chance to translate between English and Chinese. It was fun to discuss what we were looking for and help each other find the right stores and the right colors and sizes. Before I retired, we had only weekends to spend together when she was here in the states, but now that I’m free she and I are able to get into mischief together. And I suspect that we have only just begun to get into mischief together.