December 2, 2018

Fireside Chat with Mike and Lynn

An evening greeting to the campers in the next site resulted in an invitation to pull up a camp chair and have a visit. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting by the fire and getting to know this couple, Mike and Lynn. Sitting in the dark gazing into a fire tends to foster story telling and we all enjoyed telling some of our
stories. I share the following with their permission.

Mike and Lynn have been married for 31 years. He shared their falling in love story and then he shared his awakening as a husband. He told that 10 years ago he was sitting in church listening to their pastor begin his sermon and was happy to hear that the topic was on giving 100%. Mike was confident that he was giving 100% - because it was easy to do loving Lynn as he does. But the pastor said it wasn’t enough to give 100%

  • that most of us give 100% of what is comfortable for us. Mike sat back and felt irritated. He sat in the pew and crossed his arms and rejected what the pastor was saying. But in the days that followed he couldn’t let go of this idea. He came to realize that he was giving 100% of what he was comfortable giving. He thought about all the things that Lynn was doing for him and he realized he was sitting back allowing her to love him. Mike made a commitment to himself to give something daily to Lynn that he wasn’t naturally comfortable with. The next morning, he got up and loaded the dishwasher and put a load of laundry in the washing machine. And he began to make sure that he followed through with something every day. Lynn remembers wondering what was up with him. He remembers that with time she began to be softer with him and that she allowed herself to be more vulnerable with him. I double checked with Lynn on whether something in their marriage prompted this; a divorce threat, tears, a big fight, etc., but they were both in agreement that nothing like that was happening at the time. They were just a normal couple dealing with the daily stresses of married life. And Mike examined his own self and decided he needed to make a change!

I am sharing Mike and Lynn’s story here as another example of a single solitary person making a difference in the world. Way to Go, Mike!