April 3, 2019

Death Valley Salt Flats in California

I was still weak from the flu, but Death Valley turned out to be an amazing place of healing for me. After I had my camp set up, I took a slow stroll around the campground. I wasn’t sure how far I’d be able to go as I just didn’t have much strength. I walked slowly and became aware that it felt different, the energy was different. And then it hit me, the energy in the park is feminine; gentle, healing, but fiercely feminine. And every step I took I felt a little bit stronger. I made it around the entire section and went back to my site and called it a night.

The next morning, I set out to explore other parts of the park – and there are many. I’d like to spend months exploring this park. Everywhere I went I felt the same feminine energy. I had many chances to chat with other women in the park and asked several if they could feel the feminine energy. Many smiled knowingly, and several said it was giving them goosebumps.

I walked out onto the salt flats and sat down to meditate. Before I got up, I asked a young couple if they could take my photo. She said she was also feeling the urge to sit down and be one with the energy. She took my picture and then she sat down, and her husband took hers.