April 2, 2019

Death Valley National Park in California

I was heading in a different direction, but a trusted friend caught me on the phone and asked where I was. I told her I was heading to Las Vegas, and she said, “no, no, you won’t like it. Go to Death Valley instead.” I was driving and had no idea which direction would lead me to Death Valley but just then I saw a road sign telling me that the next exit was for Death Valley. And so, I took it. I was able to get my gas tank filled and checked out the two routes on a map. Las Vegas was one hour north, Death Valley was one hour to the west. Always intuition is my backup – and I headed to Death Vally.

It was a very long drive to Death Valley and totally without cell service. It turned into a bit of a fiasco for my children who got the group text in the morning that I was heading to Las Vegas and then the group text I sent when I got to camp didn’t make it out. A couple of my sons private messaged me and those messages made it through, so I had no idea that the whole group didn’t have the arrival info. When two of them started panicking late at night because they hadn’t heard from me, they began messaging the group text (and of course by then I had turned off my phone and went to bed). A son who had heard from me sent a reply out, “oh, yeah, she changed her mind partway through the day and is heading to Death Valley instead”.

Apparently not everyone has heard of Death Valley – one of my children thought this was code for something really awful. The accusation was made that I was trying to pay them all back for their teen years.