October 25, 2019

Dallas Highways are Intimidating

I drove these roads a year ago and yet I return without a feeling of familiarity and comfort that I usually feel when returning to an area. Dallas is a very busy city with busy highways entering, criss-crossing, and exiting at breakneck speeds. The norm seems to be six lanes of traffic heading in each direction and a frontage road on each side with at least two lanes of traffic.

I was having to make daily trips in and out of Dallas and began to understand the traffic flow and to feel more comfortable with the traffic patterns. Unless you’re going to exit you stay out of the two right lanes. This provides cars exiting and entering the opportunity to slow down and speed up without the heavy stream of traffic. I learned to really appreciate those side roads and the ability to drop out of the fast laness in order to find a side road.

Even as I feel some satisfaction in gaining confidence driving on these busy freeways, I must also acknowledge that I was very happy during these drives that I wasn’t pulling my trailer. I will be crossing through Texas in two months to reach a campground in southern Texas and then I’ll be pulling the trailer, but it will be easier for me because of all this practice.