December 2, 2018

A Holiday Visit to the Dallas Botanical Garden

A holiday visit to the Dallas Botanical Garden in early December with my son, daughter-in-law, and her mother was a wonderful chance to stroll together and enjoy the garden in winter. An orchestra was playing Christmas music and I was able to talk my son and daughter-in-law into dancing a little during a waltz. Several young ladies were being photographed in beautiful dresses (Quinceanera?). Families were taking pictures of their children dressed in Christmas colors (I’m guessing Christmas cards were in the making). And there was a couple looking very romantic for a photographer (engagement photo I presume). The garden had twelve displays like the one in the photo above scattered around the garden. A week later I’m still thinking of those displays and smiling at the amusing display of the 12 days of Christmas. The first one had a solitary partridge in a pear tree, the second had 2 turtle doves, etc. The one pictured above had 12 men (lords) on ice skates, presumably leaping. Each display had a different Christmas Carol playing. They were all beautifully decorated and turned slowly so you could count the objects. Our visit to this garden was a lovely way to celebrate the arrival of the holiday season.