December 1, 2018

An evening sky in Oklahoma

The lake called to me at the end of the day and I threw on a sweatshirt and walked down to enjoy the arrival of nigthtime. I enjoyed listening to the water birds as evening was settling in. I was surprised to hear a loon call from across the lake and watched another bird perched out on a log in the water. I was standing in the tall grasses taking this photo of the sunset when I heard rustling in the grasses behind me. I turned to see what little creature was causing the sound but saw nothing and the grasses were still. It occurred to me that the rustling could be a snake, and I didn’t know if there are any poisonous snakes in Oklahoma. I decided to play it safe and moved carefully up to the pavement where I could see what was coming. I never figured out what was causing the rustling, but I was content that I had shared the evening with the creatures of the park, and I could leave them to enjoy having the full dark of night to themselves.