November 29, 2018

A day’s drive to sunshine and warmth

A Day’s drive has brought me to sunshine and warmth. I hitched up yesterday morning in my winter coat and gloves and pulled my trailer out of the snow and across the icy drive to head south seeking warmer temperatures. It’s rather amazing to reach a different environment so quickly and easily. Today I’m camping at Chickasaw National Park in Oklahoma and I am the only camper in my section of the campground. (Please note: I backed the trailer in rather neat and tidy. I dare say I’m getting the hang of this). This morning I ate my breakfast outside at the picnic table without a winter coat.

I did run into one minor problem along my way yesterday: I pulled into a gas station in Oklahoma with an urgent need to fill my tank. When I put in my card, I realized that the instruction prompter was too high for me to read. I tried stepping up on something but found that I wasn’t very steady, so I went in to see if the cashier could help me out. I told him that I was too short to read the pump instructions and he immediately laughed and then went to work trying to solve my problem. He was a tall happy-faced young man with a shock of hair on his head that involved many neon colors. He said he really liked my trailer and told me it was much fancier than his – he indicated that he was living out of a vehicle behind the station. I never saw his “home”, but I sure did enjoy the chat with him. He ended up coming out to the pump and reading the instructions for me.

And then while the pump was filling my very hungry tank, another man stepped up and asked about my trailer. We had a nice chat about what he would do if he was carefree and could just take off. And thus, I continue into my journey giving others a chance to examine their own dreams of what could be.