March 23, 2019

A Case of the Flu in California

I react badly to flu shots, so I take my chances with getting the flu, and about every 7 years I deal with being sick. So, this was my year and I sure had to deal with it. It started out feeling like allergies and then dropped into muscle discomfort and fever. And I began a week of sleeping round the clock in a feverish confusion.

My T@B was a comfortable spot to do all this sleeping and I was grateful for the tight quarters when I had to get up for anything because I felt quite dizzy but found it impossible to fall over as I have walls and counters within quick reach to steady myself.

I was fortunate in that my friend, Dick, was available to keep watch over me. I had landed at his Callifornia home for a brief visit, and so my T@B was parked in his yard. It was supposed to be a brief stopover on my way north to Utah, but I couldn’t drive, could barely walk. He checked in on me periodically and encouraged me to eat. He ran to the store for things I needed. He ran my propane tank to the gas station to get it filled when it emptied.

When I realized that I needed to see a doctor Dick drove me to the urgent care that he considers the best in the area. And he stayed and waited for me. The first thing they decided was that I was dehydrated and needed an IV immediately. I’m good about drinking plenty of water, but in my feverish state I didn’t take into consideration that all that fever was burning off all the the water I was drinking and leaving my body crying for more.

I left the office with a prescription for antibiotics which Dick took to a pharmacy to get filled. Several days later he had to take me back to urgent care with an allergic reaction to the antibiotics. And ultimately the couple days that I intended to stay became 3 weeks. I was an example of the worst kind of guest – the one who never leaves. And he was so kind and caring the entire time. I never saw any signs of impatience or frustration – just genuine concern for my welfare.