December 12, 2018

Roper Lake State Park in Arizona

A lovely campground with birds galore provided me with a 2 night stopover on my way across Arizona to visit my son. I was really pleased when I pulled in, found my campsite, and smoothly backed into my spot. I was almost looking like I had this backing up bit well under control. I set up my campsite, unhitched the truck, connected the electricity, and secured the balance beams to stabilize the trailer. And then I recognized that I had backed into the wrong site. Roper Lake State Park has a reservation system and I had carefully reserved site 18 – but now realized that I was sitting in site 17. It was entirely possible that someone else had already reserved the site I had set up on.

I drove up to the park headquarters and told them what I had done. They had a good laugh with me and promised that they wouldn’t tell anyone. But I knew that I would surely be telling on myself. Fortunately, no one had reserved the site and they were able to change the reservation in the computer.

I enjoyed immensely my hike around the lake in the evening. I saw several Great Blue Heron and a myriad of ducks. I enjoyed listening to them settling into the night. And as you can see in the photo the sunset was beautiful.

But truly, I had looked so very competent when I backed into that site!