March 9, 2019

Another Gal Travelling Solo

I made a friend who is also travelling solo. I ran into Deb at the park I was staying in at the end of December. We recognized that we were both travelling solo and began sharing notes about beginning our journeys. She began just months before me. We were both interested in visiting Quartzsite and the gem shows. She had researched RV resorts in the area of Quartzsite earlier in the fall and shared with me the name of the park she had found that was close and affordable with a one month stay. It sounded like a good plan, so I reserved a site also and followed her out there a week after she left the Phoenix area.

Gateway Ranch RV Resort turned out to be a lovely location for being near Quartzsite but far enough away to be able to be get away from the crowds and enjoy the quiet. The night skys were the most beautiful I have ever seen. The people there were very friendly, and I was amazed at how quickly I felt part of the community.

Deb and I had a great time driving in to Quartzsite together and enjoying the various gem shows. We shared some meals and plenty of laughter. We were able to share our experiences with solo travelling, selecting the right rig and dealing with our trucks. And she was there to listen when I was grieving over what my sister Beverly was going through.

We talked about the surprise others express over our travelling alone but as women who have lived alone what other choice do we have if we want to realize our travel dreams? And is it so different travelling alone as compared to living alone? Perhaps we are better suited for solo travel because we are accustomed to doing so much on our own. I find that I meet more people out here travelling than I would living back in my home. But I didn't live in my home as a retiree, perhaps I would have been more adventurous just because of having more time. The urge to travel pulled me out into this lifestyle and I am delighted to be living this adventure.