March 10, 2019

More Time with my Singing Friend

The mechanical problems I’ve been having brought me back to where I met my friend, Dick, and a chance to spend more time with him in the desert. This photo shows off the cholla, which are so beautiful when the sunlight catches them right, but very bad to touch. Their barbs are very painful and hook into whatever brushes against them. I was warned about them and keep a very respectful distance.

Just one month ago I left this desert with all the lovely memories of the times we shared. No promises, no commitment, just lovely memories. And then a month later – here I come back again.

I have returned recognizing that this guy really intrigues me. I like his gentleness, our conversations, the laughter, and his respect for my plans for my own life. Circumstances brought me back and I’m going to enjoy a few more days enjoying his company before I head on back into my journey.