May 11, 2019

Picacho Peak State Park in Arizona

I am going to miss the desert sunrises, but I’m also looking forward to a road trip with my son that will take us to the homes of all my other children, who are spread across the country. I have travelled closer to the city where he lives so I can repack to make room for him and stock up with groceries, knowing from previous experiences that he can eat heartily.

I was able to arise early enough to catch the sunrise, and to take a few minutes to enjoy the changing colors and the play of light on the mountain. I love the desert environment, but I’m also noticing that the temperatures are rising. I don’t like the heat and look forward to the cool nights in Michigan.

I’m also making a point to enjoy my solitude. I often refer to myself as an extroverted introvert. I thoroughly enjoy people but need the quiet times with my own self in order to keep myself in balance. This has been easy to achieve on my travels, but all this family time ahead will squeeze me out of my alone time. But I am really looking forward to seeing all my children and grandchildren, and so I head into a new stretch of my journey!